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A Possible Sign That Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You Back

Author: Nicole Gallagher

If you have been dating for awhile, you already know that some guys are sort of immature and think that the grass will always be greener on the other side of the street. Did your boyfriend leave you to play the field or even date another woman. Have you got the feeling from your friends or even his actions that he may secretly want you back.

You can’t read his mind, but you may be able to read certain signs that your boyfriend has grown up and learned that you are the woman for him. Lots of very happy couples have had periods when they split up and then got back together. Sometimes, this gave them an even stronger relationship.

However, you probably want to be sure before you send him a friendly text message. So you can try to look out for these signs to determine whether your ex-boyfriend really wants you back.


Signs That Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You To Come Back

Here’s some news for you. Men really do have feelings even though they may try to hide them. The problem is that immature guys may only be sensitive to the way that they feel. Also, women may be in better touch with their emotions than a lot of guys, so it can be tough to figure out if he is feeling the same things that you are by his actions. Since women seem better trained or equipped to deal with emotions, it may be true that a guy will let you know that he wants you back in some odd ways.


Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Angry At You?

Did you break up because your ex got mad at you for something that you did or said? Just because he is angry, that is no reason to believe that you cannot repair your relationship. In fact, a breakup over an argument might be the easiest kind to repair because at least there is a problem that is easy to define.

If you could see yourself meeting him halfway over the tiff, maybe you could repair your relationship. You might call or text to apologize that your actions bothered your boyfriend. Even if you’re not really sorry about doing those actions, you might be sorry about making him mad. You can express that while still being honest to yourself.

Of course, there is always the possibility that your ex will ignore you if he is still overwhelmed with anger.  If that is the case, don’t worry too much. Just give him some time to calm down.

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Are You Angry At Your Ex?

You know, men really don’t like it when their girlfriends get upset with them. It sort of reminds them of getting scolded by their moms when they were little kids. Of course, a mature man will be able to try to communicate with you and settle things. But a lot of guys react to anger from women by running away from it and not settling it.

In some cases, they may even act out a bit by flirting with other women. Of course, this is bound to make you even angrier, but some guys just refuse to understand this even if it is obvious. In any case, you are going to have to be the adult here if you really want to repair your relationship.

Nobody says you have to try to get your ex back if he did something pretty awful. But if you think you could get over whatever he did if he would just apologize and realize his mistake, you could be able to meet him halfway.

You might have to be the one to attempt communication and express the thought that you would like to talk about your issue. Maybe you can do it online, but it would be better if you could go out for coffee or something relaxing. At least, you would be face to face, and we do suffer a lot of communication because words get taken out of context online.


Should You Play Games To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

I had this neighbor who was a real playboy. We never dated, but he was actually really nice to me and that might have been because we didn’t actually date. Anyway, I was having boyfriend problems, and he gave me many advice, some good, some not so good.

He told me to cut off all contact with my ex until I have got my emotions under control. Yes, that is what you call the no contact rule. Well, that’s a pretty good advice at that time.

After all, that was twenty years ago. I never even considered using the internet to look for information on how to save my relationship.

Anyway, this guy was a real player. I surely heard lots of noises going on at night through the thin walls of my apartment. But he actually did have feelings and was a pleasant companion once we decided that we should stay friends and never try to date each other.

My playboy neighbor also told me the following:

If your boyfriend and you split up, don’t look too eager at the first sign he wants to get together. Of course, you have to show some inclination that it is not the worst idea that you ever heard of, but you don’t need to go too far.

You can be friendly and open, but you should probably wait for him to make the first contact. If he asks you out, you might even decide to be busy on the first date that he mentions. Let him know that you’ve got plenty of other friends you can have fun with, and if he wants to be with you, he had better be prepared to behave!

Those were pretty bad advice.

At that time, I didn’t know any better and followed his suggestions to the tee. But today, I know a lot more about relationships.

You shouldn’t pretend to be uninterested. You shouldn’t play the waiting game.

Those are just mind games and won’t help you make any progress in your relationship.


Do You Really Want Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

One friend says that she has a fifty percent rule. Is she happier than she is unhappy with a current boyfriend. This might not be the right rule for you because many people would rather be happy MOST of the time. The thing to realize is that no relationship will be perfect, but are you happier with your boyfriend than you might just be hanging out with friends for awhile?

If you believe he mostly makes you happy, you may want to put in some effort to get him back. If not, you might want to cool off by yourself or with friends until you recover. It is not easy to recover from a relationship, but you also do not want to go through pain again and again because your boyfriend continues to behave in a way that you would rather not accept!

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